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    QA Tester (Dutch)*

    City: Frankfurt am Main, Germany


    • Full text debug and support of system debug for 1st, 2nd and 3rd party products
    • Checking localised user support materials
    • Capturing screenshots and video footage
    • Conducting connectivity and monitor tests
    • Accomplishing project related duties assigned by superiors and meeting deadlines


    • Dutch at a native speaker’s level
    • Passion and interest to play video games along with advanced gaming skills and understanding how games work
    • Ability to explain things logically in writing
    • Pro-active and flexible approach to work
    • Good knowledge of PC/Windows/MS Office
    • Very good command of English
    • Teamwork-oriented mindset and ability to work effectively under pressure

    Are you interested? We look forward to receiving your application, including your earliest possible starting date and salary expectation.

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    Thanks to our products Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, we are one of the leading manufacturers of video games and consoles in the field of Interactive Entertainment. Our intention is to reach everyone with our products – regardless of age, gender or experience with games. A strong and motivated team, superior quality, new concepts, the creative development and implementation of game ideas, combined with a sophisticated sales strategy, enable us to constantly surprise you with new and innovative products.

    * With this job advertisement, we would like to encourage people of all genders to apply. Therefore, we refrain from explicitly mentioning any gender. Our company is opposed to gender-based discrimination, as well as discrimination based on other legally protected characteristics.