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  • We are looking for a(n)

    (Junior) Employee Store Administrator*
    part-time (30 hours / week)

    City: Frankfurt am Main, Germany


    • Selling Nintendo merchandise as well as Hard- & Software in the physical employee shop and online
    • Assisting the customer and deal with questions
    • Handling the register/payment counter and do proper accounting on a daily basis
    • Preparing stock orders
    • Providing support for inventory management as well as inventory stock control
    • Responsible for all administrative tasks in regards to the shop
    • Providing support to the eCommerce team in various projects


    • Commercial Education and/or experience in business administration
    • Very good knowledge of MS Office
    • Very good written and spoken English skills; other European language skills are appreciated but not mandatory
    • Excellent team player with high communication and coordination skills
    • Ability to work independent, proactive and well structured
    • Passion for games and the videogames industry

    Are you interested? We look forward to receiving your application, including your earliest possible starting date and salary expectation.

    Level up!

    Thanks to our products Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, we are one of the leading manufacturers of video games and consoles in the field of Interactive Entertainment. Our intention is to reach everyone with our products – regardless of age, gender or experience with games. A strong and motivated team, superior quality, new concepts, the creative development and implementation of game ideas, combined with a sophisticated sales strategy, enable us to constantly surprise you with new and innovative products.

    * With this job advertisement, we would like to encourage people of all genders to apply. Therefore, we refrain from explicitly mentioning any gender. Our company is opposed to gender-based discrimination, as well as discrimination based on other legally protected characteristics.